Welcome to the Cloud Museum’s website. Items at the museum are the personal collection of Johnny Cloud. A long time Bard, California resident who began the collection in 1989. The collection includes cars, trucks, tractors, power tools, hand tools, household equipment, boat engines, wheels, items from local businesses including the old Bard Post Office, plus many more items too numerous to mention. The collection is vast, overwhelming, well organized, and incredibly impressive.

The museum is open 7 days a week from 9am to 4pm except in the hottest summer months. There is a caretaker on the property when Johnny himself isn’t there. Cost of admission is a bargain price of $5.

For more information call Johnny, he'll be happy to talk with you.

The Cloud Museum is located 10 miles North of Yuma, Arizona, at 1398 York Rd. Bard, CA, 92283. It's 180 miles East of San Diego, CA, 195 miles West of Pheonix, AZ, and 290 miles South of Las Vegas, NV. GPS is 32.803233,-114.547395

This website was donated to Johnny Cloud and the Cloud Museum. I was born in Yuma and visited often as a child. Johnny and the museum are just down the road from my grandparents farm. I’m a vintage car/motorcycle nut so I was happy to build the first website for the museum in 2007. You can see my projects on my personal websites dynamitedave.com and dcclassiccycles.com.