OBX Trip

My Buddy Dan and I went on a little trip to the Outer Banks, NC in the beginning of April 2007.

Here are links to google maps of out route.
Friday’s Route         Saturday’s Route         Sunday’s Route

We rode to the Southern area of the Outer Banks and worked our way North. Friday kinda sucked because it was 350 miles of mostly highway and we had a couple delays and a mishap. The mishap was my tail bag coming off on I-95 somewhere around 90mph. Dan was behind me and pulled off to the inside of the highway. My bag fell off and started on the inside of the 3 lanes but managed to cross the road somehow while getting run over a couple times and finally came to rest in the grass on the outer side of the highway. Dan was nice enough to play “frogger” and dart across I-95 to get it. It was pretty much in tact. I laid on it and we went to Wal-mart and I got a backpack and trashed the brand new tank bag. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.

We got to our little motel and chilled out then went to the local drinking place. Played some pool, drank some beer and ate some food.

Saturday we got up, got some breakfast at the diner then road an hour or so to the ferry. We were running late so we made up some ground by going 135mph for a couple miles (Dan says 5 miles). Just made it in the knick of time and sat around on the ferry for 2 hours and 15 minutes. The ferry took us to Ocracoke Island and we had lunch at Richards Raw Bar and Beer or something like that. I got a Grilled Cheese kids meal that came with a Frisbee, score! Then we headed up north to the next ferry. It was only 45 minutes long and the weather was better on this one.

We cruised North towards Nags Head, but stopped at the world famous Hatteras Light House. Got to our next run down motel and chilled out. Oh then we went to the big sand dune and wondered around. Made fun of some inbread kids that were there and jumped off the side of the dune. Then we watched a little I-Robot on cable, showered and hit the night life. Nags Head was dead. We couldn’t find a decent place to eat. Some drunk lady told us a good place to go. It was OK. I was tired and I think Dan was too. So we left there and headed back to the motel. Then got up Sunday and rode home.

It was a fun trip. I wish we had more time to just relax but the ride was great.

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