Trip to Yellow Springs, Ohio

In August 2008 I took a little trip to Yellow Springs, Ohio for a Vintage Truck Show.

Yellow Springs is a small hippy town. Itís super cute and has not been take over by corporate America. Yellow Springs is home to Antioch College but it closed (but should reopen in some form soon) so there are a bunch of abandoned buildings around to explore. Itís hard to describe but Yellow Springs could be the perfect little town.

Dave Chappelle was born in Yellow Springs, His father was a professor at Antioch College. Dave grew up in Silver Spring, MD. (near my house)

Trip details
510 miles from Woodbridge to Yellow Springs via highways getting there (9 hours)
530 miles from Yellow Springs to Woodbridge via Rt. 50. (11.5 hours) Great ride and scenery

Total trip was just shy of 1,200 miles over 3 days.

Antioch College Suspends Operations to Design 21st Century Campus

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