Old Cars, Trucks and Boats

1971 Porsche 914

I got this Porsche 914 November 21, 2008. I had one in high school and when I saw this one on Craigslist, cheap, I had to have it. I have been going over it and right now it's in my garage for the winter while I work on it. I plan to keep it pretty stock looking and just drive it. I plan to weld in new rocker panels and redo all the brakes. Parts have been ordered.

1957 International Harvester Truck

I bought this truck on ebay on an impulse buy, cheap. The engine was locked up so i found another engine for it. I put it in but there are a few things still to do. It took a lot of fabrication to get it to fit. I wound up using the bell housing that was on the new engine but Ii wanted to use the 4 speed floor shift transmission that was on the old engine. The mounting area for the cross member was different on the bell housings so I had to cut up the cross member and reweld it so it would line up. Almost done.

This is my Dads 1957 truck. It's in AZ.

1969 Glasspar G3 Speed Boat

This is my 1969 Glasspar G3 Speed Boat. I bought it cheap and I have done some work on it. I need to put it back together in time for spring. It has a 100 HP engine. There is a consensus among my friends, they think Iíll crash and burn in the boat. Its 14 feet long with 100 HP. Sounds fun to me.

1964 Cadillac Series 75 Limo. (sold 11/08/08)

I was riding my motorcycle through the small Virginia town of Luray and out of the corner of my eye I see an old car. I turn around and go check it out. Sitting in a gravel area next to a paved driveway is an old Cadillac Limo in front of an Import Car repair shop. The car looked in really good condition and it looked awesome. I took down the phone number on the sign and called the business a couple days later. I was told it was for sale. A couple months later I went back and bought it. My friend Lewis hauled it away for me. I cleaned it up a little, replaced the brakes and tires and took it to its first car show. This winter I hope to fix the body rot and have it painted black in time for the Jalopy Showdown 2008.

1947 Ford 1.5 Ton Farm Truck (sold October 2008)

This is my 1947 Ford Truck. I am currently building a wood bed for it. Iím almost done. Iíll post new pictures of it when I am finished. It has a 1949 Ford Flathead V8 in it, 4 speed transmission and a 2 speed rear end. Itís fun to drive around on the back country roads. It may get painted this winter as well.

1962 Sealander Wooden Boat (sold)

This is a 1962 Sealander. Itís a pretty rare and unique boat. It might get sanded down and painted this winter. Itís in really good condition. More information can be read here Antique and Classic Boat Society - Chesapeake Bay Chapter