Random Projects

Motorcycle in my living room

I built this stand to hold an old motorcycle I wanted out of my garage. Looks pretty cool. Even the ladies seem to like it.

I built myself a new table / mobile work bench. I really built it to finish my go kart on but I need to finish my Baby Bobber project first. The table is 4í by 8í, a standard plywood size. I used a 19/32Ē thick piece of plywood, I was going to use a 3/4" thick birch board but it was 4 times more expensive than the plywood. The frame is made of 2x4ís of course. With the angled pieces I used and the intertwined stacking of the 2x4ís it makes it very sturdy and it doesnít wiggle at all. You just have to careful while building it to make sure you can get to all the boards that need to be nailed. I built a couple of the sections and then put them together like a puzzle. I put 4 castors on it so itís mobile. Itís a tall table, maybe too tall for some but so far I like it. Iíll put a piece of plywood in the bottom of it so I can store stuff under the table later. If you have all the right tools you can make it in less than a day for sure and for under $100. I got the wood at Lowes and the casters at Harbor Freight.

Heavy Duty Shelves

I made these shelves out of 1"x1" steel square tubing and some flat peices. They have an MDF shelf. They are very strong. Those aren't fake books.

New Computer Desk

This is going to be my new computer desk. It's still in development. It's made from the fron end of a 1949 Ford Truck. I plan to have the headlights functional and i also plan to put shelves and small lights in the wheel wells to display auto related stuf i have. I need to find or make a table top for it. I'll probably have to make it since it's rather large and odd shaped.

Off Season Gear Holder

I made this out of scrap steel to hold my motorcycle gear in the off season (winter).

8' x 12' Shed

Basic shed to hold more of my junk. I bought a nail gun just for this project and it was my best friend for the week it took me to build it.

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